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We're here to help.

The Salvation Army offers assistance to those in need through a variety of outreach efforts both in and outside of The Salvation Army L.A. Central Corps. Additionally, The Salvation Army offers a variety of programs, services, and assistance both nationally and globally that you may qualify for.

Do you need help right away? Contact The Salvation Army's Social Services Department at 213.381.3747 to receive more information on local assistance.

Receive help in Los Angeles Central Corps

Location: 1532 W. 11th Street, Los Angeles, California 90015


  • Food Pantries

  • Meal Programs & Assistance

  • Hygiene Kits

  • Bill Pay Assistance

  • Tap Card (LIFE Subsidized Program)

  • CA ID Vouchers (Low-fare & free voucher)

  • Lifeline (Free phone) Referrals

  • Mental Health Referrals

  • Shelter Referrals

  • Employment Assistance

  • Homework Help and Youth Programming

  • Family Service Programs

  • Rehabilitation Assistance

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response

  • Spiritual and Emotional Care

Call (213) 381-3747 or visit to inquire about

The Salvation Army Los Angeles Central Corps.

These programs are made possible through the generous efforts of donors and voluteers.

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